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RARE♡ Canon IXY 31s / IXUS 310hs (full set)

RARE♡ Canon IXY 31s / IXUS 310hs (full set)

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🔥 稀有粉紅色touch screen IXUS 💕

< 2011年產 1210萬像素 4倍變焦 CMOS >

Advanced model of IXY 30s/IXUS 300hs

基於大屏幕touch screen / 機身設計及具備多種功能 屬於當年受歡迎及價格比其他ixus高的一款機型(๑˃ᴗ˂)و♡

撿漏價格 只有一部✨ 不接預訂不補貨🙇🏻‍♀️🙏🏻


- 3.2吋輕觸式闊螢幕 自訂全觸控式操作

- f/2.0大光圈 24mm廣角4.4倍光學變焦鏡頭

- 1920 x 1080 Full HD立體聲全高清短片拍攝

-  scene detection (up to 32 scene mode)

-  場景模式: 人像/夜景抓拍/小孩動物/室內/智能快門(微笑、微笑自拍、人臉自拍)/高速快拍(2.5mp)/低光(2.5mp)/魚眼/模型/海灘/專色/轉色/樹目/雪景/煙花/接駁輔助/電影

- 新增多種創意filter 支援模型、fish eye 及玩具相機effect etc

- 配備 HS SYSTEM 技術 減低照片noise


condition: 8.5/10

accessories: battery and charger, sd card, original box and manual etc (please refer to the last picture attached)

⟡.·*. free silk camera bag, camera strap and card reader which allows you to transfer and view pics on iPhone instantly 小小心意🥰💓 (please let us know if you’re using type-c/lightning)🙏🏻


Free SF express next day delivery as well, available to ship on Monday/Tuesday

*Please message us on Instagram if you wish to Pay via Payme/Alipayhk/FPS/HSBC bank transfer


Thank you🫶🏻

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